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Bringing the World of Apps to Education

Mobile is different


The mobile is the learner’s primary device. They spend hours everyday day on their mobiles. The learner cohort is a mobile workforce.

The LMS is designed for browsers on large screen desktops and laptops. Accessing the LMS website on a mobile can be frustrating to navigate and difficult to interact with.

A sub optimal experience by students interacting with the LMS on their mobiles results in lower engagement levels.

Give learners a better mobile user experience  and drive engagement with the mLearn app.



mLearn is different


mLearn is a native app designed for faster performance and ease of use.

Putting downloadable learning resources (files, audio, video) on their primary personal device, mLearn supports instant on, available anywhere, anytime, on-the-go learning.

The mLearn app uses customised mobile workflows to simplify engagement with in-app messaging, note taking, forums, contacts and notifications.

The mLearn app drives deep engagement with learners.

Designed for Learners, Educators, Management and Institutions


Learners & Educators

Communicate, socialise and engage with in-app forums and messages. Create notes using text, audio and video. View Assignments and Grades. Download your files for easy offline access. Import learning materials from your personal cloud drives like Dropbox, iCloud and Google Drive.

The mLearn app gives educators and HR an e-learning tool that allows them to properly augment their browser material and reduce learner downtime and isolation.

Anytime, anywhere, learning on the go.


Management helps management design, publish and maintain a personalised mobile app for your institution.

mLearn integrates with Google Analytics and Enterprise Learning Analytics solutions help management measure learning, gather insights and improve learning outcomes.

mLearn provides apps for learners using both Apple and Android ecosystems.



The mLearn app extends out your existing Totara and Moodle LMS for optimised support on Apple and Android devices. 

mLearn is an Enterprise grade product with Security Encryption; Single Sign On; Native app in-phone capabilities for Accessibility support for visually and hearing impaired users. Custom branding drives your innovation narrative with curated mobile access to facilities specific to your Enterprise. 

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Try the mLearn app

You can try the mLearn app available in the App stores using a demonstration account.

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