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Powering mobile users access to their learning platform.

Structured learning anytime, anywhere on your mobile device

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World class learning platform integration

The app supports all Totara and Moodle learners.

It also integrates with a number of third party applications such as Skype, Augmented and Virtual Reality Engines, portals and feeds to provide a customisable learning and organisational experience within the all-in-one mLearn Moodle and mLearn Totara app.

Why would you use Facebook on your mobile browser, when you could use the Facebook App?

Well the same holds for mobile learners! We see an 85% jump in learning activity when they use the mLearn native App compared to standard mobile website browsing.

Good mobile design allows simpler steps. Files open quicker, and scrolling and swiping allows non-linear workflows. You can pause a SCORM exercise and flick back to a core LMS activity to send a Forum post and return to where you left off. And synch your answers when you go back online.




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    New toolset for instructional designers allows augmentation of activities such as collaboration, mentoring, with scheduling and direct dial video conferencing. Brings better learning outcomes, including conceptual understanding, from higher engagement. The mLearn app opens up new workflows for personalised and scalable communication with learners.

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    Positive branding impacts student marketing, pride in institution and improves Extended Enterprise client engagement for corporates. Mobile strategy delivers dividends through organisation-wide Push Notification Services and accessible mobile cloud analytics. Puts learning and organisational information all in the one place.

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    More than a Learning Management System in their pocket. A productivity, timetabling, journalling and mentoring tool for everyday use. Attraction of accessible technology advances such as Augmented Reality via mobile Headsets.

Our Partners

Totara is revolutionising the corporate learning management sector with its version of Moodle, the worlds most popular LMS. supports the Global Community of 86 Totara Partners of over 10 million users, 1400 clients in 47 countries with an integrated mobile solution matching Totara core. Strategic partnerships with individual Totara Partners gives clients freedom to quickly implement mobile and extend their custom desktop plugins to suit their requirements.

Androgogic is the top selling Totara Platinum Partner in the Asia Pacific Region and global leader in Educational Technology Solutions. Androgogic provides with Enterprise level security support and server side development for our mobile platform integrations with Totara and Moodle.

eLearning Innovation is a leading US and Australian based instructional design company. Part of their innovation focus is mapping curriculum activities that use mLearn’s offline SCORM, VR data to gamify activities that trigger push notifications. Collaboration on plugin and API development gives their Fortune 500 clients the mobile edge.