Mobile Learning is an Australian based Educational Technology company innovating in the area of learning mobility. We’ve started by creating custom mobile software for Moodle, the world’s most popular learning management system. Moodle is widely adopted amongst the K-12, Higher Ed, VET and Enterprise. We’re here to help organisations embrace learning mobility.

Matthew Burley


Matthew brings 30 years in education, technology and business to help organisations adopt best practice technologies for learning across Schools, VET and Higher Education.

He has organised leadership conferences for senior heads of Education and Industry to debate challenges of digitization and globalization (Global Mindset); introduced adaptive learning tools to Education executives and Teaching & Learning departments (McGraw-Hill Higher Education); sourced leading global EdTech brands and designed training programs that optimised the technology and the pedagogy (Keepad Interactive).

Matthew enjoys building high performing teams focused on innovation. In the past he has founded an International College (National English Academy), new-media Internet company (Pasade) and Agricultural Biocontrol company (BioAct). And was part of a pioneering team introducing web-monitoring to the resource sector (Machine Monitor).

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Anthony Chung

Chief Technology Officer

The question driving Anthony is “How can technology best serve learning?”.

As CTO, Anthony designs and builds mobile technology to serve Learning and Teaching best practice. In the early 2000’s, Anthony worked with The Learning Group to create eLearning products used by most banks and insurance companies in Australia over the past decade. Anthony has worked as a consultant, educator and freelance mobile software developer across a range of industries including Education, Enterprise and Not-For-Profits.

A vision to transform and scale learning in emerging economies, especially China, is the fuel that motivated Anthony to found to build innovative mobile apps that can enable and transform learning anywhere.

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John Reddin

Chief Operations Officer

John is an experienced digital & broadcast media executive recognized for his ability to develop and manage both the strategy and it’s effective implementation for product and service creators to reach and engage their audiences with quality cross-platform experiences.

As a digital innovator, he co-founded Moshcam, a globally recognized live music video streaming brand that is distributed across streaming platforms, smart TVs, web, and iOS & Android apps worldwide.

As a media executive, he has been responsible for the creation, commissioning and production of hundreds of hours of prime time award winning programming.

John is recognised for driving performance through clear communications, a commitment to continuous improvement and a hands-on, inclusive approach. John has an agile and adaptive management style which has been derived from multi-industry change management responsibilities driven by digital innovation and disruption. First class management skills are supported by extensive professional experience developed in blue chip and start up environments.

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