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mLearn Quick Start Guide

Welcome to mLearn, your easy, on the go gateway to Moodle. Developed and maintained by Sydney startup,

We look at Moodle from the student perspective using the latest tools from the world of apps. And in the process we are targeting better learning and teaching experiences.


mLearn has all your Campus and Moodle information in your pocket.

Campus map (New)

Maps, student services and support information where you can find them.

Approachable Moodle

Follow the prompts to find course outlines, course units, topic folders, assignments, forums, quizzes etc. All matching your lecturer’s Moodle browser layout.

Refreshing Moodle (New)

Alerts prompt you to refresh cached contents after 1 hour of use in case you forget. Or you can ignore and keep browsing. As before you can hit refresh tab any time.

Resources By Topic

Teacher video introductions, forum conversations, powerpoint lecture notes, Youtube links, chapter PDFs all accessible from the resources page.

Peer Profiles

People are communicating in more frequent bursts and in real time. In app details of fellow course participants in case they are not on your Facebook.

Faster auto-refresh for Forums (New)

Choosing Forum Topics or Discussions will download latest posts, to keep you updated to the minute. Alerts explain that only the posts relating to a specific topic are downloaded each time. Which means faster workflow.

Forum Post navigation (New)

The number of white circles matches the response level of all the posts for a given discussion topic. Each post is timestamped, with author name, photo.

You can unclutter discussion threads (New)

Keep track of conversations by choosing “Show parents and replies for this post”.

Simplify the story

The above screen now focuses on the posts you want to track.

File Documents

When you view any PDF or other document in the resources section, it automatically downloads to the My Files section. Search function aids retrieval and sharing.

File your timetable (New)

You can import your personal iCloud, Dropbox documents (PDF, image, text and Microsoft Office) directly to My Files.


Students can create personal reflective notes using their mobile device camera and microphone. Notes are private, but can be shared to email or personal apps such as OneNote.

Automatic Calendar updates

All events and announcements are chronologically listed in the calendar file. Tapping an event gives you the option of saving to your calendar. Events will not appear if your administrators choose not to use this feature.

Automatic Assignment updates

All assignments, activities, quizzes are chronologically listed in the assignment file. Tapping an event gives you the option of saving to your calendar. Assignments will not appear if your administrators choose not to use this feature.

Discover mLearn

Helps you get the most out of the app. See also FAQ’s.